Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy accidents

Although I've been absent from the blog lately, I have been busy making stuff. Last night I whipped up a brown wool hat and now I'm working on a pair of wool maryjane slippers for my friend Megan. Last weekend we did a little bit of traveling and I was able to take a pair of pink cotton maryjane slippers to Justin's sister. I don't have pictures, but I think I've mastered the slippers. They work up in less than two hours and they are so freakin' cute. I'll take pictures of Megan's pair and post them.

A few weeks ago, though, in an effort to fend off idle hands, I found a ball of yarn and thought, "Hmm. This would make a nice lightweight hat."

Actually, I had put my hands on some of Justin's beloved alpaca yarn (which don't come cheap) and I lost interest in the project before it became a hat. I had seen tons of felted bowls on Etsy, and the not-a-hat was holding a nice little bowlish shape.

I soaked it in hot water and then, at Justin's suggestion, took our Shark steamer to it. Then I tossed it in the dryer with a load of towels.

Rowdy doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

Since that first bowl, I've made a few more out of less expensive wool. I even took one to work to keep bobby pins and whatnot in. And to think I figured it out by accident!

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